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Coach Carl

Page Updated: June 7, 2003


Welcome to trustedpano.com.

This site offers personal and business coaches a place to collaborate with their clients in a safe, secure manner. It's best not to think of this site as a "web site" per se, but more as a kind of "shared hypertext document" that has certain security restrictions imposed to maintain privacy.

We have an example here of a coach we call "Coach Carl". He has a couple of clients, Fred Flipper and Tony d'Chute.

If you're not logged in, you can only see Coach Carl's main (public) page. Note that whether Carl wants this page made public or not is up to him.

You can login as Coach Carl (login: coachcarl, pwd: coachcarl123) and see all of his pages as well as all of his clients' pages.

If you login as one of his clients, eg, Fred (fredf, fredf123), you can only see Carl's public pages and Fred's pages.

What We Offer You

What we offer you, as a personal orbusiness coach,is the ability to establish a web-based interface where you and your clients can literally "be on the same page" during your coaching sessions. You'll have the ability to access all of your client's pages, and they'll be able to access their own pages and your public pages. When a client logs in, they'll only see the link to your page and to their page.

To simplify things, they'll be able to get to your page as easily as this:


and access their own page just as easily:


you and they will be able to edit your pages and update content easily, simply by clicking the "Page Edit On" linkin the left margin. As you can see, this is really more of a "word processor" that works on shared pages than a "web site".

General Discussion Board

Please post whatever questions and comments you might have here. If you become a "Registered User" (click here to sign up, it's free!) and you provide a valid email address at that time, then you can opt to "subscribe to thread", which will send you an email alert telling you when somebody posted another message on that thread.

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