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JULY 7, 2006
What A Woman Wants

So I decided to update WHEN FINALLY SET FREE with two chapters today. So now 37 and 38 are online. I just didn't think that one chapter was complete without the other so I couldn't seperate them. And now there are only four chapters left. Man. I've been waiting to get this ending out to you for soooo long and I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it. So yay! Be excited for that.

Okay, so most of you have noticed all of the changes that I've made. Not only have I switched the site over to a new domain but I also added a new guestbook, added in a lot of fun content into the side bar (I love Javascript! It's easy design!), and I fixed up a lot of the content on some of the pages within. So I hope you notice these changes and enjoy them! :)

Now... maybe I'll update WAVES this weekend...

JULY 5, 2006

Okay, so I've updated TRUTH OF THE SCARS with Chapter 13. It's one of my favorite chapters because you really start to see just how insanely wicked Delaney Reid really is. Man, oh man. It only gets better from here, guys. Enjoy.

P.S. I hope you had a great holiday!

P.S.S. After great inner turmoil, I have change the layout again hoping that this time I've gone for more of an original layout. I created the layout based on design ideas that I've been using for years, ever since I first learned how to make layouts for my LiveJournal some three or four years ago. All content featured on the side bar is, to the best of my knowledge, original content. The 'Random Excerpt' is a feature that I created for a layout when I first made this site, back in 2005 before I was introduced to the Hanfic community at large. I thought that I would bring it back, not because I saw it on other Hanfic sites, but because I received comments on it before and I thought the readers might enjoy to see it again. If for any reason, you think that my site content, whether it be story layouts, plots, or characters, have been copied and/or twisted from one of your ideas, please let me know, by email, so that I can promptly change it. I would rather have your requests voice aloud than have silent agression felt towards me. I know that this recent argument may or may not have been brought up because of anything that I've done on my site, but just to be safe, I thought I'd address it anyways. I appreciate any and all efforts made by those who are angered about content swiping, if you will, and I would not like to be part of this problem. Thank you. :)

JULY 4, 2006
don't go away / oasis

Happy Independence Day! I hope that everyone has great plans for the holiday. I'm just happy to have the day off from work let alone that I get to spend it with my family since the first time in forever. I'll be at the beach watching the fireworks tonight. I hope that your festivities are as promising as mine! But either way... I have an update for you!

I have updated BENEATH THE WAVES with Chapter 11. It's one of my favorite chapters because it's really, really passionate and it contains the lyrics of the story's theme song, Crests of the Waves by Coldplay. It's a really good chapter and I hope that you enjoy reading it! But not too much enjoyment considering the chapters content.... Ha. But yeah...

In other news... the discussion for onehundredandtwo at JSOR is over and it sucked. I only had one person who actually left their comments. I render that whole book club part of JSOR completely useless but that's okay. LOL I'm lazy too when it comes to that kind of stuff so I guess I can understand why no one else would comment on it. Hopefully the next discussion goes over better for the next story and author. :o)

Don't forget to vote at both the Reckless Abandon Awards and The Soundtrack Awards. Not only am I on the ballot but there are many other really awesome writers and stories that should be considered and given votes as well! The voting ends soon for both of the sites and so make your votes count!

And now I hope you like this new domain because I am seriously second guessing my decision. LOL Not only because I don't know if I'll be able to keep with the payments but I'm not exactly sure if I even like it all that much. I'm awfully attached to my old address and it's going to be very, very hard to get used to this one and fall in love with it. Hopefully, though, I can keep up with the hosting payments, otherwise, I'll have to put it on a free plan and you'll have to deal with stupid GoDaddy ads. No fun! So... let me know if you like this new change and of any problems you've had in the transfer.

JULY 3, 2006
fruit flies / nada surf

Welcome to, the new home of You For Always Hanson fan fiction. Yes, Always is still under the same ownership but I decided that, because I put the BreaktownCrazy Gallery online the other day, I needed a seperate domain for my fiction so that Always isn't affected should my bandwidth suddenly run out due to high volumes of traffic. So... welcome to the new site! It's all of the same stuff, same writing, and same author. Nothing has changed except the name and the layout! Of course. So... be sure to change your book marks! I will have a relocater running on the old site but it will be taken down after a while so make sure you note the new URL!

Enjoy the new site!